These components utilise Notion’s Synced blocks to make it easy to re-use certain elements across your website. Use the database to manage and update components.
To use, simply hover the synced blocks below and click ‘Copy and sync’. Then paste it into any page.

Blog footer:

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Mailing list section:

Mailing list

Not a real mailing list, it’s just an example of how you can use forms on your Notion/Super website using Tally Forms.

FAQ section:


Do you have more templates like this?

Yes! I have a range of sweet templates for all kinds of websites from blogs to product directories. Check them all out here

Can I customise this template?

You can customize all of the images and text content easily in Notion and in terms of style customization, yes you can customize many elements of the template from colors, sizing, spacing and fonts using Super’s design options.

What are the requirements for this template?

You need two things:

  1. A Notion account (can be free)
  2. A Super account (must be upgraded)